Badaap Comic Reader


Discontinued !

As of februari 5th 2016 I have stopped development and support on this plugin. This is due to time constraints and lack of interest on my part.
As a result ComicRack 0.9.177 is the last version this plugin works with.
The source code (gplv3) is still available on Github, so if anybody feels up to it, dive right in!
It’s been a great learning opportunity for me and I thank all ComicRacks users that took the time and effort to use my plugin.


Badaap Comic Reader (BCR) is a plugin for ComicRack.

Main screen


Its purpose is to allow you to read your comics on a tablet without having to synchronize or copy comics to the tablet.

This enables you to access ALL your comics instead of a small subset and relieves you of the hassle to choose which comics to synchronize or copy.

This plugin started out as an integration of my previous comic reader project, which was a standalone webserver running php that connected to the ComicRack database to server comics, with the ComicRack Web Viewer plugin from ComicRack user Neep.



You can download BCR here via the Changelog


  • Access to ALL your comics without the need for explicit synchronization actions.
  • Doesn’t take up precious space on your tablet.
  • Multiple layouts: list or grid layout with small, medium or large covers.
  • Supported platforms are those that are supported by Sencha Touch. To date those are Android, IOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone (IE10+), and most PC browsers. I’ve tested it on and iPad 2, iPad Air and old-gen Nexus 7 tablets as well as on my PC on Chrome 39, FireFox 34 and Internet Explorer 10. Mileage may vary on other platforms.
  • Browse and filter series.
  • Search comics.
  • View comic details.
  • Works in both landscape and portrait mode.



If you like the Badaap Comic Reader, you can show your appreciation by donating some money. I prefer donations of over 1 million euros, but smaller donations are equally appreciated 🙂




Install BCR like any other ComicRack plugin.

There is one important thing you must do however. You must start ComicRack as administrator. You can do this by changing the properties of the ComicRack shortcut (check Run as Administator).

This is unfortunate, but it is required because I use a web server library from Microsoft (C# HTTPListener) which requires this.


The plugin listens on all local IP addresses. It will show you what the url is by which you can access the web server from your tablet.

If you have a firewall enabled (by default it is on in Windows), you will have to add an exception to the firewall rules yourself.

NB: The address shown is a local address. If you want to access BCR via your external IP address (i.e. while you’re not at home), you probably need to add a forward rule in your router/modem.


Once installed, you will have to start the plugin each time you start ComicRack, as I haven’t found out yet how to start it automatically when ComicRack starts.

The web interface can be reached via http://yourip:port/

If you open that on your iPad or Android, then you can add it to your home screen.



BCR has some options that can be set via the web interface itself.

These are the sort and layout options and the comic reader interface options.

You can access them via the Gear button in the right corner in the Comic List screen and the Comic Viewer screen respectively.


Image caching

Like ComicRack, the web interface shows a lot of thumbnails. You may probably know that ComicRack caches pages and thumbnails.

Unfortunately these are unusable by the plugin (unreadable format and wrong size), so I decided to create my own caching in order to speed up page loading.

If I wouldn’t use a cache, then ComicRack has to create each thumbnail anew each and every time the thumbnail is shown. This is very time consuming and thus not desirable.

The plugin will create a folder “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ComicRack BCR” where it will store its settings and store the image cache.

Right now the cache size is 1 GB and can not (yet) be changed via the web interface. When the cache is full, the oldest items are deleted automatically.

This folder will not be deleted when you uninstall the plugin, so you will have to delete it yourself.

The image cache contains the cover thumbnails and extracted pages. You can check and clear the cache via the plugin’s interface in ComicRack.


Source code

Badaap Comic Reader is open source under the GPLv3 license.
The source code of the plugin can be found at



I don’t have a lot of free time to develop on BCR, so mostly I will only fix breaking bugs and release a recompilation whenever a new version of ComicRack is released.

With the latest changes in the color scheme and comic list layout, I have implemented most of my own wishes.

If you think of a cool feature, you can always leave a message. I will take it in consideration, but I can’t promise anything.

However, I will not package BCR as a native Android or IOS application, neither will I make an offline mode version. There are plenty of alternative apps for this, including ComicRack’s own IOS and Android apps.